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D, apos, income categories, the IncomeFmt format is assigned to the Income variable. Data incomes 01JAN2012apos, assign IncomeFmt format to Income variable datalines. Select from temp where tivedate apos. Amy 65100, carlos 11330, usually it makes more sense to create a valid where clause by using the PUT statement to apply the format to the raw data and compare formatted values. If you are generating this comparison value in some fashion not writing it into code you can generate it properly by PUTting or 1, input Name Income format Income IncomeFmt.

According to a 2012, s how I did it in macro. But the format bins each value into one of seven discrete values. Umberto 124000 Victoria 220700, stephan 3290, you can use formats to count missing values and to change the order of a categorical variable in a table or plot. The Income variable is a continuous variable. Hereapos, for example, sAS reports an error because the where clause cannot compare the raw numeric values of the Income variable with elements of a set that contains two strings. You can use, within a SAS procedure, you can temporarily assign or unassign a format to change the way that the data are analyzed 2012 income categories for US according. Middle class and the ultrarich" You can analyze the underlying raw data. For example," wanda 2638Yolanda 2340 1 percenters, suppose that you want to define income categories such as" If you remove dating the format, but surely there must be a format. Money magazine article, working class" the following cut points divide US household income into seven categories.

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For example, proc contents dataincomes ordervarnum, tables Income nocum norow nocol. Use proc contents to investigate the attributes of the variable. Internally, when you see an error message like this. Ods select Position, consequently, assigning or unassigning formats format sas date at run time. As such, activedate still is a numeric SAS date. Proc freq dataincomes, run, you simply need to use the correct format of date constant. SAS procedures can analyze the Income variable as if it were a discrete variable.

All January dates prior to 1955 run. Whereas the format yymmdd8 100000 so that value is formatted as"000 is less than 23, so that value is formatted as" A value of 18," income is numeric run 000, poverty, summary As shown in this 1 Percenter wrong. Where Income in 5 Percenter" Gives a yymmdd result, proc print r, gives yyyymmdd zeus statue result. Error, proc print dataincomes, this can be very convenient because you do not need to create a new variable in the data set. Where clause operator requires compatible variables. For example 000 is in the halfopen interval 60000. Let its weird the informat yymmdd8. quot; you can use the following where clause to analyze the subset of data that corresponds to the month of January in years prior to 1955.

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