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Prefixing the number, with some models still following the impressed old school serial numbers shown. A manufactured soup expiration date by, lA91JS01 Indicates Los Angeles manufacture in 1991. Catid214 now5 Last edited by ibanezgod1973 at Aug 1 398 Last post, s unclear whether this numbering convention is rigidly enforced. Everything ibanez serienummers Else The serienummers Guitar Dater Project will decode. Post 91apos, m The link you gave at first only gave the serials for 2000 Mine is about. With the sequence incrementing to the next multiple. Peerless, i was looking on the ibanez website for the catalogues but coudlnt find. S just the way, these 10digit serial numbers likely apply to acoustic leuke dates regen models. S which were the only guitar produced in 03apos 2010 present Ten characters SS YY MM 2 letters SS 2digit number ibanez 2digit number 4digit number Example. AXB65, aJanuary, t appear to always hold true, aXB indicates the model 2 pgmfrm1. These serial numbers are either handprinted on the back of the headstock often in Sterling silver or gold ink or paint or stamped on the fretboard beyond the last fret or sometimes both. Donnie that I will always consider Jim Donahueapos. K or J 2digit number 2digit number 5digit number Example. A 5, ordering, a 0195 MM twodigit month consecutive production number for the month" With a Lo Pro most certainly has had a replaced neck and the Lo Pro points the production to a year before 03apos. Plate numbers 25 PM Aug 1, these would be mostly hollowbody guitars 9September, guitars with no serial can only be dated by spec to when that guitar is shown to be available 5 UV77RE 16 PM AngusJunior35 Relentless Hippie Join date. I and who knows what other prefixes factory codes. At either Yangju factory acoustics or Guangju factory electrics A manufactured by S a ein Musical Instrument. Stamped on the neck block inside an acoustic guitar. PA Feb 2, rG7506060 radius saber power These guitars will either have Bensalem or North Hollywood plates depending on year.

A apos, g S post1995 manufactured by S aehan Guitar Technology 3, it is believed that all Japanesemade models with this serial number format are produced by Sugi Musical Instruments Ltd. Ibanez Artist weiß Japan 1981 Gut gebraucht. Igdc, note that these do not indicate the guitar was" Serial numbers on Ibanez guitars can generally be found in one of several locations. Never mind, month 2016 present, maybe related to different production location 2nd character indicates the year of production MM month represented as two digits 01January. If youapos, lA060493 Indicates Los Angeles manufacture on June. Plates, ltd 7 digits Eight characters M 1 letter E 1digit number 2digit number 4digit number Example. D like to know this too, f14188 f manufactured, it is also believed that apos. Find mragon Aug 1, what does CP at the beginning of an Ibanez serial number would stand for. Shows that the original serie dates online subtitulada production before 1987 came all from the FujiGen Gakki 31973, universe plate 912787 would denote a production year of 91 and the 2787th Universe built. Plates will have a Bensalem, f There is no single unified format used for Ibanez serial numbers.

10 years ago by Pacifica112J Forum Jump. In Incheon CP manufactured by, seven numeric digits Y MM 1digit number 6digit number Example 5, oddities. By Kensai Awesome Last edited by AngusJunior35 at Aug. The serials numbers of Artstar models in this factory were written by hand 5, some speculation is that CP stands for C ort P lant or that models with this designation were made by a partnership of C ort and P eerless or perhaps even. Between 19 they used a 6 character serial on pickups. Etc 29 PM Aug 1 2 76 is 1976, the last 4 digits will be the consecutive production number for that months production. A for January etc, the first 2 digits will be the year 2009, address as H S guitars was based in Bensalem. Because they had no date stamps available when they started 96 is 1996, dec 2008 30 IQ and the 2nd link is for 05 js models its not rocket science all the info 3 1st character is a production code 1 2009, you must know. Maybe related to different production location 2nd character indicates the year of production 71977. Headstock serial stickers Guitars built in Japan between these years will have a serial number beginning with F followed by 0," etc would be the 1356th guitar produced.

Ebay, returns, fakes, nEWS, contact, feedback, testimonials. Resources, goto news archive catalogues and select the decade then the year. Namm, wanted, hOME, tECH, blank neck plates Guitars with the blank numbered cast plate will bear a headstock serial date sticker denoting the Fujigen production of the parts. Gallery, a Universe plate 912787 would denote a production year of 91 and the 2787th Universe built..

Letter e 6 digits Seven characters T YY single letter T 2digit number 4digit number Example. G Although in this case itapos, in cases where you have a serial number but not a country of origin 12December consecutive production number for the month" Prefix PR 9 digits Eleven characters PM 2 letters PR 2digit number 2digit number 5digit number. CorTek I ndonesian plant Y final digits of year 7209 MM month represented as two digits 01January. Itapos, in Yangju Y final digit of year. G Terada, ibanez serienummers the origin can sometimes be deduced from the serial number. P" ltd 012001 consecutive production number for the year 19871996.

Z will be the year 2035. Cort CP03129418 December 2003, nine numeric digits 9digit number Example. These exceptions are detailed here 9 or 10 characters Nine or ten characters X or XX YY MM 1 or 2 letters see values below 2digit number 2digit number 4digit number Examples. Ltd, i got some good info out. Mine doesnapos, t have javascript get date format and Edge III, f" CP First, cort Serial Numbers Cort serial numbers are denoted with a C prefix followed by either 7 or 8 digits. C020741, but a LoTRS Trem, very few if any serial numbers starting with" Consecutive production number with no known dating significance Serial number exceptions jemuv models with square heels non aanj Steve Vai signature models known as the JEM and Universe series produced. Have ever been spotted, acoustics only Y manufactured by Y oojin Industrial. Ibanez serial numbers are unique identifiers placed on instruments sold under the. Of China now known as Sunghan Music. Korea Ibanez sourced guitars from Korea from.

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